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Mária Ispány, the founder-owner of Treasure Budapest, brought a new color to Budapest's fashion life by opening a temporary pop up store in 2014. Thanks to the confidential relationship with the guests, the personalized services, the excellent location and the conscious branding, Treasure Budapest soon became permanent in Aulich Street, which has become one of the most visited luxury fashion location. Offering a pleasant atmosphere, Hungarian and international fashion creations as well as premium beauty, the store and online shop is for lovers of special, unique pieces, for those who value high quality and sophisticated style. The garments, jewels and accessories supply by Treasure are also popular among businesswomen, diplomats and foreign fashion adorer living in Hungary. At Treasure, visitors can enjoy exclusive services to suit their individual needs: cosmetics and hand-foot care, made-to-measure with an international distributor, designer or tailor of the brand, personalized styling advice, Our featured domestic brands: AgnesKovacs, Anh Tuan, Anna Zeibig jewelry, Babushka jewelry, Enjey, Enihorn, Mester Eva jewelry, NYD, Rafael Biro Keleti, Rienne Creations jewelry, Schilling Kolos, Tóth Bori... Our featured international brands: Aubade Paris, Claude Milan, Frangos jewelry, Gobi Mongolian Cashmere, Misha collection, Paige, Theory...
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