Cosmetics & Hand and Foot Care

At Treasure, guests can enjoy exclusive cosmetics and hand and foot care services to suit their individual needs.

Blanka Bene During her long years as a beautician, she was able to try herself as a make-up artist, she had ambitions as a beautician at the University of Pécs, but she realized that the best place for her was a beauty salon, where she could help her guests achieve balance where peace and harmony are found. With more than 20 years of professional experience behind her, she admits that there is no rule for beauty, we just need to recognize and highlight our benefits.

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Ida Bartha She has been in the profession for 20 years, and through her foreign experience, kindness, unique techniques and methods, she is now the most recognized expert in the city. Over the years she has spent in healthcare, she has become even more sensitive to the importance of hygiene. Ida works not with scissors but with skin care tweezers, reducing it's own risk almost completely. Hand and foot care can be used at the same time, with two therapists a physical and mental rejuvenation complete with a spa pedicure machine with hydromassage.

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SENSAI price list:

Facial treatment

Intensive moisturizing facial treatment                                  16.000 Ft

Energizing, detox facial treatment                    18.000 Ft

Extra tightening/ Regenerative facial treatment             21.000 Ft

Complete skin rejuvenator facial treatment                           24.000 Ft

Additional eye area care                               4.000 Ft

Additional deep cleaning                                              2.000 Ft


Special treatments

Deep cleaning facial treatment especially for teens                                    9.500 Ft

Glycolic acids peeling                                              10.000 Ft

Mesoteraphy                                                               18.000 Ft

RF tightening arckezelés                                             18.000 Ft

Microdermabrasion                                                       18.000 Ft

HIFU                                                                           44.000 Ft


Additional treatments

Eyebrow formatting                                                     1.500 Ft

Eyebrow dyeing                                                         1.600 Ft

Eyelash dyeing                                                            2.000 Ft

Daytime makeup                                                            6.000 Ft



Leg                                                                       3.500 Ft

Full leg                                                                    5.500 Ft

Arm                                                                              3.000 Ft

Armhole                                                                        2.500 Ft

Bikini                                                                          2.500 – 3.500 Ft

Brazilian                                                                         4.500 Ft 

Hollywood                                                                  5.500 Ft

Facial hair                                                               1.500 – 3.500 Ft


Manicure                                                                        8000 Ft

Premium hand care                                                 12.700 Ft 

Pedicure                                                                      11.300 Ft 

Healing pedicure                                                             13.500 Ft

Premium foot care                                                    17.900 Ft 

Nail polish                                                                     3000 Ft

Gel nail polish                                                                 5.500 Ft

Gel nail polish removement                                               6.600 Ft

Removement                                                                        2.500 Ft


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