Sophisticated, yet full-blooded feminine style in luxury lingerie; Aubade Paris

For more than 60 years, the French luxury lingerie brand Aubade Paris has been helping sophisticated yet full-blooded ladies find the perfect lingerie and swimwear. The brand's permanent and seasonal collection includes bras from certain models up to basket sizes F and G, which, in addition to being high quality, are comfortable and provide excellent support, are form-breaking and fashionable. History of Aubade In 1875, Dr. Bernard began manufacturing orthopedic corsets under the Prégermain brand. In 1920, the company was bought by Jean Pasquier. In 1958, his son, Claude Pasquier, launched the Aubade brand and began selling lingerie. 1963: Appearance of colorful and original prints. Opening of the La Trimouille confectionery factory in Vienna and then at the Saint-Savin factory with about fifty employees. 1995 Relocation of part of production to the Ksar Hellal site in Tunisia. In 2001, the company had a turnover of 50 million EUR and 500 employees in France. 80% of production takes place in Tunisia. Distribution in France is provided by 1,500 sales outlets, and 50% of sales are made abroad in 70 countries. In 2005, a company was transformed through Calida, a holding company based in Switzerland 2006 Opening of the first Aubade boutiques in France. In 2007, 132 employees were responsible for the prototypes. In 2010, Aubade's sales increased 10.6% to almost 45 million EUR. Calida Group's profits are at record levels Aubade Paris lingerie sets, suspenders, thongs, bodies and pieces of beachwear adapt to all shapes and needs. After prior consultation, guests can meet the Hungarian representative of Aubade Paris at the Treasure Budapest store, who will help them choose the perfect model with professional advice. The brand's underwear will be available in our online store soon.
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